Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Paid.Link Affiliate Program!

The following terms and conditions apply to individuals and entities who are accessing or using the Program as an Affiliate (“you” or “affiliate”) who refer customers to use the products and/or services of Paid.Link (“us” or “merchant”). By participating in the Program, Affiliate agrees to use the Program in the manner specified in, and are bound by, these Terms and Conditions. The Affiliate also agrees to be bound by the Paid.Link Terms of Use and which are incorporated herewith.

  1. Approval of Registration

We reserve the right to approve or reject any Affiliate Program Registration or User in our sole and absolute discretion. You will have no recourse against us for the rejection and/or cancelation of your Affiliate Program Registration and/or the rejection and/or cancelation of registration of the registration of any related Affiliate.

A user may become an Affiliate by registering directly with Paid.Link through the Paid.Link new account creation form (here). Alternatively, a User may register via an Affiliate Link provided to it by a Paid.Link user.  

  1. Commission Fee

A User who registers for the Paid.Link Affiliate Program directly through the Paid.Link shall pay a commission fee payable to Paid.Link of 1% on all sales.  A User who registers for the Paid.Link Affiliate Program through an Affiliate Link shall pay a commission fee payable to Paid.Link of 0.5% on all sales for the first 3 months.

Distributions and payments under the affiliate program may have technical limitations depending on your country of residence. Currently, the Affiliate Program is subject to limitations for residences of Brazil, Mexico, India and Malaysia. If you reside in any of these countries, we will hold your registration information until such time as the program is fully active in your country of residence and will advise you when your registration in the program is active. Please contact us here for updates.

  1. Affiliate Links

Each Paid.Link user is provided an automatically generated Affiliate Link which user may share with any person (“New User”).  Upon selection of an Affiliate Link, a New User will be directed to the Paid.Link Registration page whereby the New User may create the New User’s Paid.Link account.

Upon approval by us of the New User Paid.Link account, the Affiliate (the user who had provided the Affiliate Link to the New User) shall be entitled to commissions based on revenue generated by the Paid.Link account in the manner set forth below.

  1. Commissions

Affiliates are entitled to cumulative Commissions from (1) all approved sales made by users who registered via the Affiliate’s Affiliate Link and  (2) all approved sales made by users who registered via Affiliate Links of those Users identified in (1) and up to ten levels down from said Users.

The Amount of Commissions payable to the Affiliate is based on the Paid.Link fee and the amount of the Commission will depend on the Affiliate Level from which the Paid.Link fee is generated. The table below sets forth the percentage Commission Payable:

Affiliate Level

Affiliate revenue Share percentage (%) of Paid.Link Fee

1 (Directly Invited Users)






















  1. Commission Collections and Payment

Paid.Link shall collect Affiliate Revenue upon the completion of an approved Affiliate Sale and shall pay the commission payable to the Affiliate at the end of each calendar month. Payment shall be made directly to Affiliate through the Affiliate’s connected Payment System Provider Account.

The Minimum Commission payable shall be $50 USD (or equivalent in the Affiliate’s chosen currency).  If the commission payable in any given month is less than $50.00 USD, Paid.Link shall withhold the commission payable until such time that subsequent commissions generated bring the commission payable to the minimum payout amount. Upon reaching the minimum payout amount, the commission will be payable.

Payment shall be made in the currency established by the Affiliate’s Payment System Provider Account.

Affiliate Revenue related to sales that are subject to a refund request shall not entitled to commission payable to the Affiliate.

  1. Term

The Affiliate Program shall be effective for the lifetime of the Paid.Link service or the period of the existence of the User accounts with Paid.Link and the Payment System Provider.

Notwithstanding the above, a User’s participation in the Affiliate Program shall cease upon the closing by Paid.Link of the account with Paid.Link or the Payment System Provider.  Paid.Link may cause such accounts to close for any reason, including, but not limited to any violation by user of any applicable terms and conditions.

  1. Miscellaneous Conditions

User is solely responsible for keeping login credentials secure and for preventing any unauthorized access to the User’s Paid.Link account and the User’s Payment System Provider Account.

User is prohibited from creating multiple accounts for the same User. User is prohibited from creating accounts on behalf of another person or User.

We reserve the right to terminate the affiliate program for any violation of the terms and conditions and for any other reason that, in our reasonable discretion, we deem  to be a violation of the terms of service or otherwise harmful to us and/or others.

We periodicaSlly update these Terms. You will be notified of any and all material changes and updates to these Terms prior to the change or update taking effect to provide you with an opportunity to review and consider the changes. The latest update of these Terms is dated: (September 25, 2021)